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I'm currently trying to map my MVC view model into the knockout viewmodel. I'm using the mapping extension for knockout to automatically do this.

I can work it working when the javascript is in view because I can just directly reference the viewmodel with razor code like so...

var model = @Html.Raw(Json.Encode(Model))
indexViewModel.serverViewModel = ko.mapping.fromJS(model);

However, when the javascript is in a seperate file, I'm unsure what to do.

I decided to put the MVC view model into a hidden variable (not sure if i'm meant to do this).

@Html.Hidden("Model", @Html.Raw(Json.Encode(Model)))

and then reference it in my JS like so

var model = $('#Model').val();   
indexViewModel.serverViewModel = ko.mapping.fromJS(model);

The problem now is that it doesn't seem to be mapping.

I've looked at the contents of model in both the JS-in-View and the seperate JS file version and they both output

{"companies":[{"Key":1,"Value":"BHP       "}]}

which is the JSON that I'm after.

It's just that for some reason in the seperate JS file, ko.mapping.fromJS(model) returns a string where as the JS-in-View version returns it as a hierachy of observables().

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In your first samaple:

var model = @Html.Raw(Json.Encode(Model))
indexViewModel.serverViewModel = ko.mapping.fromJS(model);

the model variable holds a JS object which can be mapped with ko.mapping.fromJS(model).

However in your second example:

var model = $('#Model').val();   

the model now contains a JSON string which need to mapped differenlty with ko.mapping.fromJSON method:

So the following should work:

var model = $('#Model').val();   
indexViewModel.serverViewModel = ko.mapping.fromJSON(model);

See also the documentation, Working with JSON strings section.

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This line

var model = $('#Model').val();  

is returning a string whereas ko.mapping.fromJS is expecting a JavaScript object ("fromJS").


var model = JSON.parse($('#Model').val());
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