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I know that Thread.Sleep blocks a thread.

But does Task.Delay also block? Or is it just like Timer which uses one thread for all callbacks (when not overlapping)?

(this question doesn't cover the differences)

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The documentation on MSDN is disappointing, but decompiling Task.Delay using Reflector gives more information:

public static Task Delay(int millisecondsDelay, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
    if (millisecondsDelay < -1)
        throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException("millisecondsDelay", Environment.GetResourceString("Task_Delay_InvalidMillisecondsDelay"));
    if (cancellationToken.IsCancellationRequested)
        return FromCancellation(cancellationToken);
    if (millisecondsDelay == 0)
        return CompletedTask;
    DelayPromise state = new DelayPromise(cancellationToken);
    if (cancellationToken.CanBeCanceled)
        state.Registration = cancellationToken.InternalRegisterWithoutEC(delegate (object state) {
            ((DelayPromise) state).Complete();
        }, state);
    if (millisecondsDelay != -1)
        state.Timer = new Timer(delegate (object state) {
            ((DelayPromise) state).Complete();
        }, state, millisecondsDelay, -1);
    return state;

Basically, this method is just a timer wrapped inside of a task. So yes, you can say it's just like timer.

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Does it blocks or not ? –  Royi Namir Apr 2 at 4:46
@RoyiNamir I don't understand your question. It's a task, whether it blocks or not all depends on the way you use it. –  KooKiz Apr 5 at 11:20
Think of "await Task.Delay(1000)" as the async version of Thread.Sleep(1000), as it doesn't block. I use it in GUI tools when I need to wait but don't want to block the UI or eat up threads. –  hko Jun 6 at 7:07

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