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I am using C#. Net Windows application.

I have one MDI parent form and many child forms. I put panel in MDI parent form and drag several button inside panel.

When I click the button they open another child form and set visible false to panel like this (sample code):

private void Button_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    panel1.Visible = false;

    ChildForm Form2 = new ChildForm();
    Form2.WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized;           

Now they perfectly working. What the problem is, when I close the child form the panel could not visible in MDI parent form. Its always panel visible false. I set to true., see my code.

private void ChildForm _FormClosed(object sender, FormClosedEventArgs e)
     MDI md = new MDI();
     md.panel1.Visible = true;

am also using BringToFront, SendToBack. No use. Please assist.

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The problems are:

  • you create a new instance of MDI form in your child form with MDI md = new MDI();

    You should instead retrieve the instance of the opened MDI and set md.panel1.Visible = true; on this instance. You can use the MdiParent property.

    MDI md = (MDI)this.MdiParent;
    md.panel1.Visible = true;
  • and you call This.Dispose before your the code that set panel visible. I am not sure that the code which is after This.Dispose will be executed...

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hi friends i Solved this and i got worked now... here the Solution..

>  private void ChildForm_FormClosed(object sender,FormClosedEventArgs e)
>         {
>             MDI md = (MDI)this.MdiParent;
>             md.panel1.Visible = true;
>         }
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