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I can't find what is wrong with my code in C:



void myfunc(bool**,int); //error line 1


Here is the function declaration:


#include "error.h"
    void myfunc(bool **rel,int num){ //error line 2

    //function code here

The call of the function is :


#include "error.h"

int main(){
    bool **rel;
    int num;

return 0;

The above code returns the error

expected ')' before '*' token

at the error line 1 and error line 2.I put the function code in comments and i still have this error.I know that, that kind of error is a missing ; or ) at the most times but i spend hours and didn't find the error.

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bool type is not recognized, you need to include stdbool.h in your error.h header.

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that was the problem.i forgot to include this in one of my files.. –  Dchris Jun 23 '13 at 9:21

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