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IF %processor_architecture% == AMD64 (SET querypath=hklm\software\x) ELSE (SET dsetquerypath=hklm\software\y)

FOR /F "tokens=* delims=\" %%G IN ('REG QUERY "%querypath%" 2^>NUL') DO ECHO %%G

Let me explain what im trying to accomplish out of this batch command. Basically there is a tool which gets intalled on hklm\software\x(on 32bit windows) and hklm\software\y(on 64 bit windows).

I need the exact path of the software from registry.Which could tell me whether the machine is 32 or 64 bit and take appropriate action. But right now every time I using this batch command it is always returning path as hklm\software\y.

I don't know WHY? That is what I need help to make this batch file right.

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You could also just use WMI to find out whether you're on 32 or 64 bit Windows. Which is actually more reliably than this. – Joey Nov 13 '09 at 7:33
The problem is that I don't have enough time to change the way it is working right now(using batch commands).Because it is in QA period and soon to go into production. – alice7 Nov 13 '09 at 21:59

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EDIT: I think this may provide an explanation and solution to your problem, and in batch too :)

The spaces around the == may be causing your problem.

You're actually comparing the value of %processor_architecture%[space] to [space]AMD64


IF %processor_architecture%==AMD64...

If Command Extensions are enabled you can also do:

IF /I %processor_architecture% equ AMD64

(the /I switch makes the IF case insensitive)

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I just tried that, It is still giving me the same path for 64 bit machine – alice7 Nov 13 '09 at 17:44
@alice7: Did you clean up the errors in your code snippet above, or are they typos? Do you know for sure the %processor_architecture% environment variable will contain "AMD64", or is it always "x86"? Johannes Rossel's suggestion to use WMI may be the way to go. – Patrick Cuff Nov 13 '09 at 18:24
Yes they are typos.I don't know, it is a environment variable so it says AMD64 for x64 bit machine but it says x86. – alice7 Nov 13 '09 at 21:57

It works as expected if AMD64 is quoted:

set processor_architecture="AMD64"
IF %processor_architecture% == "AMD64" (SET querypath=hklm\software\x) ELSE > (SET  querypath=hklm\software\y)
echo querypath=%querypath%
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I think you are falling victim to the phenomenon where the variables are expanded/evaluated as soon as they are read. There is a good discussion of that at Raymond Chen's blog.

Also search on "immediate expansion" and "delayed expansion".

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Delayed expansion is not always the answer when environment variables are involved ... – Joey Nov 13 '09 at 7:32

What about this:

ECHO processor_architecture="%processor_architecture%"
SET querypath=hklm\software\y
IF "%processor_architecture%" == "AMD64" SET querypath=hklm\software\x

Also note you have some typos on your ELSE part; isn't the problem there?

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looks like %processor_architecture% is always returning x86 even on 64 bit machine. – alice7 Nov 12 '09 at 23:04
well, if you could search registry twice, you can look for one path and, if don't find anything, search another one – Rubens Farias Nov 12 '09 at 23:30

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