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Can you tell Play Framework to call an exact URL without messing around with the URL?

I want to do a GET Request with empty values.

However while inspecting the request done by Play, even though I have hand written an exact URL the Play Framework destroys my URL and make one up by itself.

An example would be something like:

  • My handwritten request:   http://address/?id=&filter=
  • Play frameworks request: http://address/?id&filter

I'm well familiar with that the equals sign is optional for empty values but this is of no interest when the endpoint exposing the rest API don't.

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This doesn't directly relate to your problem, but I came across this Google thread that explained how to call a method with multiple parameters...

Other case:

GET     /nice-test/:id/:name   controllers.Application.test(id:Long,
name:String) will match /nice-test/10/james


GET     /ugly-test             controllers.Application.test(id:Long ?=
0, name:String ?= "") will match /ugly-test?id=10&name=james

they both will be passed correctly to the same action, but ugly case is just ... ugly:

public static Result test(Long id, String name){
    return ok("The "+name+" has id "+id);

What's more in your view you should build url for both cases in the same way:

<a href="@routes.Application.delete(user.id, user.name)">Show me user</a>

I'll write more here as I experiment with Play; I hope that sparked some ideas.

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Setting the empty strings as values should do the trick for you:

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Thanks for the answer, however this approach doesn't work as the end point will give my an empty list with the empty string. –  Farmor Jun 23 '13 at 13:00

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