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I have an Helper.js file, basically it's an object with a list of global properties used around my Backbone apps.

I need to set some of these properties from the body before they are used inside my Backbone app, I've tried this but it doesn't work:

<script type="text/javascript">
require(["app/helper"], function (Helper) {
    console.log('default Helper.webroot = ' + Helper.webroot);
    Helper.webroot = "<?php echo $this->webroot;?>";
    console.log('require Helper.webroot = ' + Helper.webroot);

default Helper.webroot = /
require Helper.webroot = /

Then I load a define module inside this require:

<script type="text/javascript">
require(["app/models/status_message", "app/views/status_message"], function (StatusMessageModel, StatusMessageView) {
    var StatusMessage = new StatusMessageView({
         model:new StatusMessageModel({
         icon : "<?php echo $icon;?>",
         type : "<?php echo $message_type; ?>",
         title : "<?php echo __('Informazione'); ?>",
         message :"<?php echo __('Nessun messaggio di notifica'); ?>"

    <?php if(!empty($message)) { ?>
         StatusMessage.model.set({message:"<?php echo $message; ?>"});
    <?php } ?>

in app/views/status_message i've tried to to log Helper.webroot:


    function ($, Handlebars, _, Helper, Backbone, StatusMessageModel, tmplStatusMessage) {

        console.log('define Helper.webroot = ' + Helper.webroot);
        return  Backbone.View.extend({...});

define Helper.webroot = /

So I haven't set the webroot before the Backbone app, how can I do that?

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You can call require inside the function body of another require:

require(["app/helper"], function (Helper) {
    Helper.webroot = "<?php echo $this->webroot;?>";

    require(["app/models/status_message", "app/views/status_message"], 
    function (StatusMessageModel, StatusMessageView) {

             // [Helper.webroot is correctly set.]

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