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I want to develop a simple car race game, where certain number of players connect to a lobby and play the game at the same time. A game like haxball.

I read that RTMFP is a good choice for that. I know ActionScript 3, so where should I start to build such a game?

I found Cirrus, but in this article, it says :

In order to use RTMFP, Flash Player endpoints must connect to an RTMFP-capable server, such as the Codename Cirrus (previously Codename Stratus) service or Flash Media Server 4. Cirrus is a hosted rendezvous service that aids establishing communications between Flash Player endpoints. Unlike FMS, Cirrus does not support media relay, shared objects, scripting, etc. So by using Cirrus, you can develop applications only where Flash Player endpoints are directly communicating with one another.

So is cirrus suitable for my need?

And so, where should I start to code? Maybe an example game?

Thanks in advance !

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Cirrus is deprecated by Adobe.

You can use either Flash Media Server for Amazon AWS.

Or hosting services like Influxis.

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Thanks for your answer ! –  halilpazarlama Jun 27 '13 at 20:09
@Alexander Farber, Cirrus ain't deprecated yet. Can you suggest any link for this ? –  Shankar Damodaran Jul 4 '13 at 6:54

Citrus is fine for what you need. I created a game similar to haxball but connected the players directly to reduce lag in a real P2P mesh. At haxball, each client connects to a server and the latency is higher and if the host decides to leave = Game Over

Check out Bilu Ball you can see the game in action and the low latency gameplay.

Also check for some P2P libraries which will handle all the communication between client, I used this one: http://code.google.com/p/as3mul/

Also read about how to reduce lag and techniques how to decrease the size of the messages between clients.

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Yes. You can very well go with Adobe Cirrus for your application.

However, it's a free p2p service and there are certain limitations for using their service. If your application makes use of more than 10000 concurrent connections to cirrus, then you need to get a consent from Adobe.

Currently, the cirrus service is being abused by some people it may be down at present. But Cirrus is not officially deprecated

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