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I know two ways of leaving comments in python. One is using """ and the other is using #. I know that the first can be used to return a functions help as a benefit. But when should I use one and when the other? And also how do I have to leave comments? Do I have to press tab and arrange the first line of comment with the the command beneath it? Or do I have to start from the beginning of the line?

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No, there is only one way of commenting, using #:

A comment starts with a hash character (#) that is not part of a string literal, and ends at the end of the physical line.

Triple quoting, """, creates a string object, which happens to be used as the docstring when it is the first line of a function, module or a a class. Triple quoting is useful in many other places too, but should not be confused with commenting. You can use a triple quoted string like any other string literal, with the specific benefit that you can use actual newlines in your source code instead of having to use \n escape characters.

Although it can be used to disable a block of code by turning it into a multi-line string instead, you really should not do this. Use proper source code control and simply delete the block, or use an editor that lets you comment out whole blocks by inserting # for you instead.

For actual comments, use #. The Python style guide (PEP 8) has some things to say about when and how to use commenting; it has this to say about indentation:

Block comments generally apply to some (or all) code that follows them, and are indented to the same level as that code. Each line of a block comment starts with a # and a single space (unless it is indented text inside the comment).

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