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I'm trying to use SignalR in a chrome extension on a background page.

Everything seems to work fine until it tries to call negotiate. It seems to be taking the caller (which is a chrome-extension background page) and trying to call negotiate against that, which gives me a 404 while trying to call this page:


I'd imagine that it should be calling

But I don't know how to override SignalR with a specific host. Can I override SignalR to work in a chrome extension on a background page

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I assume it is javascript you are using? Try

 $.connection.hub.url = "";
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This took me a couple hours to figure out but here's a few steps to get going on making signalr work with a google chrome extension.

Place within the javascript

$.connection.hub.url = ""`

Within the manifest.json file for the google chrome you must give permission to access the server. I would add something like this to make it easy.

"permissions": [

Within your global configuration you need to change allow cross domain requests. Change



RouteTable.Routes.MapHubs(new HubConfiguration()
    EnableCrossDomain = true
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