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I'm trying to convert an .avi file to .flv using ffmpeg-php on a centos 5.4 server.

This is my code:

exec("ffmpeg -y -i " . $srcFile . " -ab 32 -ar 22050 -b " . $newBitrate . "k -vframes 2500 -qscale 7 -f flv -s " . $newWidth . "x" . $newHeight ." " . $destFile);

For some reason the video length in the new .flv file is corrupt or missing for online players unless I disable audio (with -an). The video plays but players do not show the progress correctly.

Plus I cannot change the audio bit rate and sample rate - it just will not work then - for instance when I replace the numbers with 128 / 48000 (from original .avi).

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I'd say this is a problem with ffmpeg, so it belongs on serverfault. –  x3ro Nov 13 '09 at 0:20

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According to this bug report, it's because ffmpeg does not include an mp3 encoder due to legalities. Apparently, updating to the latest version will fix the problem.

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