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In Matplotlib, I make dashed grid lines as follows:

fig = pylab.figure()    
ax = fig.add_subplot(1,1,1)
ax.yaxis.grid(color='gray', linestyle='dashed')

however, I can't find out how (or even if it is possible) to make the grid lines be drawn behind other graph elements, such as bars. Changing the order of adding the grid versus adding other elements makes no difference.

Is it possible to make it so that the grid lines appear behind everything else?

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ax.set_axisbelow(True) still works. Also nice for pdf output... –  BandGap Jan 22 '13 at 19:54

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According to this - http://old.nabble.com/axis-elements-and-zorder-td6119088.html - you can use Axis.set_axisbelow()

(I am currently installing matplotlib for the first time, so have no idea if that's correct - I just found it by googling "matplotlib z order grid" - "z order" is typically used to describe this kind of thing (z being the axis "out of the page"))

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Axis.set_axisbelow(True) –  Joeya Oct 9 '12 at 16:00

I had the same problem and the following worked:

[line.set_zorder(3) for line in ax.lines]
fig.show() # to update

Increase 3to a higher value if it does not work.

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