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I am running multiple instances of node.js on Appfog. I need sticky sessions since I use When I create multiple instances (with http long polling) is not working properly - in addition passport.js authentication is also failing. I am assuming this is owing to improper session affinity. I am setting the session cookie key as: jsessionid based on the cloudfoundry article here: From server logs, the jsessionid cookie is appearing properly at the server side during poll/write requests. Does AppFog load balancer use session affinity based on 'jsessionid' cookie found in the request?

Additional Note: If I clear client-side cookies and access the site, both passport and seems to be working until I restart the instances.

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I think I have fixed the issue using the information given in: Basically the jsessionid becomes invalid for session affinity after server restart and we have to refresh the session.

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