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I have a problem: I can't open the Storyboard file in Xcode 4.6 after having used the app in Xcode 5. What should I do to open it in Xcode 4?

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possible duplicate of Just installed xcode 5 and have missing storyboards – Abizern Jun 26 '13 at 11:14
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Follow the red steps on the right Go back to your Storyboard in Xcode 5, then go to the right pane under the File Inspector tab (select it from the top, it's the icon with the little blank sheet). You will find a section called Interface Builder Document. There, set Opens in as Xcode 4.6 instead of Default (5.0). It will also change the way your user interface will look like, since Xcode 4.X doesn't support iOS 7 SDK, which contains the User Interface components (known as flat UI).

Though, you can use Xcode 5 to develop for iOS 6 (I do). EDIT As Idan said, you won't be able to submit apps for the App Store from a beta version of Xcode, so until its official 'stable' release comes out

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You sir, are a saviour ! Thank you so very much :) – Eduard Dumitru Jan 9 '14 at 17:57
@EduardDumitru Glad if it helped :) – guillaume Mar 14 '14 at 22:41

Check my answer here: Just installed xcode 5 and have missing storyboards

Btw, You can develop for iOS5,6 etc. with Xcode 5 but you cannot submit the app with a beta Xcode. So you would have to wait or use old Xcode to submit.

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