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Requirements to render properly any html ( CSS , tables and etc... ) either from url or string and possibility to intercept click on custom hyperlinks ( looking like usual ones ) and do something else instead of navigation ( navigation silently suppressed , because url may be a fake , but information from "a" tag - id attribute , fake url - is used in Silverlight application itself ).

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And your question is? – Gab Royer Nov 13 '09 at 1:01
I need vendor/control name with functionality I described. – MicMit Nov 13 '09 at 1:54
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There are 4 controls I can think off:
1. David Anson's HtmlTextBlock - free open source and only formats really basic html.
2. DevExpress AgRichEdit - 1,000$~, Renders every plain HTML I managed throw at it. I haven't tried CSS, Javascript or embedded flash, but i'm not sure that's needed. Generally, pretty awesome.
3. C1 RichTextBox - 800$~, same as DevExpress.
4. Vectorlight RichTextBlock - 200$~. When I tried testing it for what HTML it supports I managed to break it pretty fast.

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