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I need to use a JavaScript library in my CoffeeScript application. Since I am not familiar with both languages I try something simple. My coffeescript file:

empty = require('models/empty')

    class Contact extends Spine.Model
      @configure 'Contact', 'name', 'email'

      @extend Spine.Model.Local

      create: ->

    module.exports = Contact

And my Javascript file named empty.js :


function one () {

The coffeescript file works normally, although I cant get to work. 'what' is printed on console which means that the JS file is loaded. Although I get the following error when one() is called:

Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method 'one'

I have tried many different ways of defining the function, as variable, and using different syntaxes I found on tutorial, although none of this seems to work. Can someone point the mistake I am making?

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You need to export the function like this:

function one () {
}; = one;

Then it will be accessible from other modules that require it.

(I assume that you use node.js or any other commonjs-like platform)

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Why did I not notice this anywhere?! Thank you I was going crazy! Its working now. – Giannis Jun 23 '13 at 20:05

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