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Is it possible to add a spatial index to Windows Azure Mobile Services?

I added a free Mobile Service free 20mb database, then a table, then a geography type column.

I couldnt add an index to geography column using the 'management portal.' But I connecting remotely using sql server management studio express i managed to write a TSQL to apply a spatial index. It said it succeeded but I couldnt confirm it as the portal doesnt reflect it.

I'm now thinking

1) is it possible to add spatial index to azure sql databases? 2) how do I add the geography type to my Xamarin project for easy read/write using azure component?

// update

I found a 'set index' button on azure dashboard when viewing the table columns but it threw an error:

Column 'Location' in table '' is of a type that is invalid for use as a key column in an index or statistics

Does this mean Azure database dont support spatial indices?

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Spatial indexes are supported in SQL Database (with some restrictions), see:

That said, spatial types are not directly supported with Window Azure Mobile Services; however, you can use converter classes to support additional types that are not handled by the client SDKS. See Carlos Figueira's blog for details.

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