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This is very strange..

I'm using PHPMyAdmin to view a table. [edit: Does the exact same thing in SQLYog.] I select one of the records in that table, and click "Delete". I then get an error saying that the column (in this case "users_id" which is an auto-increment primary key) does not exist. Yet.. when I run a select query for that same info, it returns the record fine.

So, here's the SELECT query I'm using that finds the record perfectly:

select * from users where users_id = 53

No quotes, nothing. And it returns the record with no problem. I would show you in a screen capture, but even though I have the reputation, the system isn't allowing me to post images. (ugh)

However, do this either by clicking "Delete" and "GO", or by entering SQL directly:

delete from users where users_id = 53

.. and you get an error:

SQL query:

DELETE FROM `goat-dev`.`users` WHERE `users`.`users_id` =53

MySQL said: Documentation
#1054 - Unknown column 'users_id' in 'where clause' 

So clearly something is off... and I just don't see what. Any suggestions?

I'm logged in as "root" with full permissions. I've quadruple-checked to be sure I have no limits on my permissions (not sure how root could).

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Ok.. going to close this out. Found the problem. But left it up here for a moment to share the answer for the benefit of others.

There was a trigger that was not working properly. The trigger was actually removing data from another table if a record in this table was deleted. Apparently there was an error in that trigger. Yet.. MySQL wasn't quoting the error - rather just throwing an error on this delete. Kinda not well behaved. But.. thought this may help someone else having this problem.

Hope this is at-least a little helpful.

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Thank you for sharing your findings. I do not believe your question deserves deletion, instead you should be able to "accept" your own answer. –  RandomSeed Jun 24 '13 at 1:07

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