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I am writing a podcast player and have a list of files that I display.

The user can double click an entry and that files play. If they select another one. I don’t know what has been selected in the list. The idea is to highlight the file that is playing in a different color. With still keeping the ability to select another file (don’t want to lose that functionality). Most audio players work on the same principle.

I had a look at this JavaFX tableview colors and this changes the color of the row based on data. But if the data changes the row color do not refresh as the data changes.

I have a table with cell factory and based on the variable "isSelectedFile" I set the cell style.

If the isSelectedFile=True at load time all is ok but once I change the data while the rows are loaded into the tableview it doesn't refresh.

My cell factory is as follows:

entryDisplayNameColumn.setCellFactory(new Callback<TableColumn<PlaylistEntry, String>, TableCell<PlaylistEntry, String>>() {
            public TableCell call(TableColumn p) {

                TableCell cell = new TableCell<Task, Object>() {
                    public void updateItem(Object item, boolean empty) {
                        super.updateItem(item, empty);
                        setText(empty ? null : getString());
                        TableRow currentRow = getTableRow();
                        PlaylistEntry ple = currentRow == null ? null : (PlaylistEntry) currentRow.getItem();

                        if (ple != null) {

                    public void updateSelected(boolean upd) {
                        System.out.println("is update");

                    private void clearPriorityStyle() {
                        ObservableList<String> styleClasses = getStyleClass();

                    private void setPriorityStyle(boolean activeValue) {
                        if (activeValue) {
                        } else {

                    private String getString() {
                        return getItem() == null ? "" : getItem().toString();
                return cell;


.priorityLow { 
-fx-control-inner-background: snow;
-fx-accent: derive(-fx-control-inner-background, -40%);
-fx-cell-hover-color: derive(-fx-control-inner-background, -20%);

.priorityMedium { 
-fx-control-inner-background: #1d1d1d;
-fx-accent: derive(-fx-control-inner-background, -40%);
-fx-cell-hover-color: derive(-fx-control-inner-background, -20%);
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See if this gist and the related question linked in the comments on the gist help to create a solution. – jewelsea Jun 24 '13 at 6:14
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try this its perfectly worked...

tablecol.setCellFactory(new Callback<TableColumn<CheckDo, String>, TableCell<CheckDo, String>>() {

        public TableCell<CheckDo, String> call(TableColumn<CheckDo, String> p) {

             return new TableCell<CheckDo, String>() {

            public void updateItem(String item, boolean empty) {
                super.updateItem(item, empty);
                if (!isEmpty())
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