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I am trying to UPDATE values from a table but i need to add some conditions. I found the function CASE but i am not if it is the best method. Here is an example:

My table is for example 'relation'


I got for example:

  FROM realtion 
 WHERE (userid1 = 3 AND userid2 = 4)
    OR (userid1 = 4 AND userid2 = 3);  



and i want to change the name of the user 3 in the relation between 3 and 4 but i don't know if it is the userid1 or the userid2.

I though of case

UPDATE relation 
   CASE WHEN userid1 = 3 THEN SET name1 = 'jack' END 
        WHEN userid2 = 3 THEN SET name2 = 'jack' END 
 WHERE (userid1 = 3 AND userid2 = 4) 
    OR (userid1 = 4 AND userid2 = 3);

But it doesn't work! Any ideas? Thanks very much in advance.

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Unfortunately it's not very clear what you want to get in the end, but here is how you could correctly use conditional SET in your UPDATE

UPDATE relation 
   SET name1 = CASE WHEN userid1 = 3 THEN 'jack' ELSE name1 END,
       name2 = CASE WHEN userid2 = 3 THEN 'jack' ELSE name2 END
WHERE (userid1 = 3 AND userid2 = 4) 
   OR (userid1 = 4 AND userid2 = 3);

Here is SQLFiddle demo.

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Thanks much for your help, I am testing it right now, I keep you in touch. PS: I saw your formating improvement I will keep this in mind for further post – Pierre Lebon Jun 23 '13 at 21:55
Thanks very very much. It works. – Pierre Lebon Jun 23 '13 at 22:01
@PierreLebon You're very welcome :) – peterm Jun 24 '13 at 3:47

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