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I have the following Twitter Bootstrap Modal button (haml) - I want to use this button to save my form then open the modal dialog to ask if I want to print it. How Can I make this button perform a submit or save :

%a.btn{"data-toggle" => "modal", :href => "#myModal", 
  class: 'btn btn-inverse btn-large',
  :role => "button"} Press to Complete Visit

  #myModal.modal.hide.fade{"aria-hidden" => "true",
 "aria-labelledby" => "myModalLabel", :role => "dialog", :tabindex => "-1"}
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You should do an AJAX post and have an endpoint to receive the data.


%a.btn{class: 'btn btn-inverse btn-large',
  id: 'submit-btn',
  :role => "button"} Press to Complete Visit

  #myModal.modal.hide.fade{"aria-hidden" => "true",
  "aria-labelledby" => "myModalLabel", :role => "dialog", :tabindex => "-1"}


$('#submit-btn').click(function() { 
    type: post,
    url: '/your-end-point',
    data: your_data,
    success: function() {



post 'your_end_point' => 'your_controller#submit'


def submit
  # Save form data...
  render :json => 'success'
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that looks perfect but I am having trouble with the data. I am thinking I have to render a json object but I am not sure how to do that –  tbrooke Jun 24 '13 at 12:53
I've edited my answer with some Rails code sample. Hope it's clearer now for you. –  Ryan Dao Jun 25 '13 at 5:10

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