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How can I configure gitosis (via the gitosis.conf file) to enable a particular user to create, clone or modify any arbitrary repository? That includes repos that do not yet exist?

I know you can add a user to have write privelages to specific repositories, but is this possible with all arbitrary repositories?

Something like this:

[group write-all]
members = richard
writable = all

I looked online everywhere, could not find a solution. My goal is to be able to just initialize new repos and push them to the server without touching the config file, so long as I am authenticated by my public key. Thank you!

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Is it possible to switch to gitolite? gitosis is no longer supported. gitolite is able to handle wildcards / regexes – TimWolla Jun 24 '13 at 0:24

I confirm this is a feature only available with gitolite (along with other features like VREFs, over the now obsolete gitosis).

It is called "wild" repos (user created repos)

The wildrepos feature allows you to specify access control rules using regular expression patterns, so you can have many actual repos being served by a single set of rules in the config file.
The regex pattern can also include the word CREATOR in it, allowing you to parametrise the name of the user creating the repo.

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