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Today we had a lot more activity than normal between our Rails app and our remote legacy MS-SQL Server 2005 database, and we started getting the error below intermittently. Any ideas what it is + how to prevent (besides avoiding the situation, which we're working on :)

Error Message:

ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: DBI::DatabaseError: 08S01 (20020) [unixODBC][FreeTDS][SQL Server]Bad token from the server: Datastream processing out of sync: SELECT * FROM [marketing] WHERE ([marketing].[contact_id] = 832085)

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A quick google search turned up this microsoft article that says:

Often caused by an abruptly terminated network connection, which causes a damaged Tabular Data Stream token to be read by the client.

Was the server network bound? I have no experience with MS-SQL but does it have a limit on the number of connections you can make?

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You need to use some sort of connection pooling. Windows itself (including Windows Server X) will only allow a certain number of socket connections to be created in a given time frame, event if you close them. All others will fail after that. A connection pool will keep the same sockets open, avoiding the problem. Also, new connections are REAL slow. HTH.

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