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I installed Openfoam a couple of days ago . I could follow the instructions given here without facing any major issues. However, when I run the command $mkdir -p $FOAM_RUN today, I am getting this error: mkdir: missing operand. I also tried mkdir -p "$FOAM_RUN" (it is suggested here). Even this failed with the error message mkdir: cannot create directory `': No such file or directory. /.bashrc file is updated as per the instructions given on Openfoam website.

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Seems to me that your variable $FOAM_RUN is not defined. You can confirm that by executing the command: echo $FOAM_RUN

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echo $FOAM_RUN returns an empty line. How do I define it? But, the same command did work just a couple of days ago! –  user2122377 Jun 24 '13 at 3:35
I must have worked fine because the variable may have been defined while you built the system. You may need to add the statement to define the variable in your initialization file (depending on shell). –  unxnut Jun 24 '13 at 12:12

Like @unxnut said, your variable is not defined. To define the variable, you just type:


then your above command will create a directory called "dir_name", or whatever you assign FOAM_RUN.

Hope this helps.

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