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Im following a tutorial that connects to the web to fetch data and puts it into core data. Ive set up my UICollectionView with a cell with its identifier but when i run the project i get this in the console:

2013-06-23 20:26:17.051 UICollectionView[912:c07] Unknown class MyCell in Interface Builder file. 2013-06-23 20:26:17.055 UICollectionView[912:c07] CoreData: error: Serious application error. An exception was caught from the delegate of NSFetchedResultsController during a call to -controllerDidChangeContent:. [ setValue:forUndefinedKey:]: this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key cellLabel. with userInfo { NSTargetObjectUserInfoKey = ">"; NSUnknownUserInfoKey = cellLabel; }

ANd nothing but a blank (black) UICollectionView. I did subclass UICollectionViewCell and called it MyCell and I did declare and connect a image view IBOutlet as well as a UILabel outlet called cellLabel.

I eliminated the cellLabel outlet and just left my UIImageview but then I get the error with UIImageview.

I just found an interesting bit, I compared the tutorial code with mine but its identical. Then I compared the MasterViewController outlets, connections and identities and found this difference. Their custom cell called AFCollectionViewCell is:

Tutorial's CollectionViewCell

but my custom cell "MyCell" is what it should be:


Why on earth would theirs be a UITabBarController? That doesn't even make sense. But then in the Identity Inspector they are both what they should be, subclasses of the respective custom cell classes. Could this be a bug?

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See if cellLabel is properly connected in the Interface Builder. –  Alexander Jun 24 '13 at 5:18

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Its fixed...something happened when i created the project in xcode5. It wasnt assigning target membership to the .m file. I clicked on the target membership to check the box, even code coloring is working again and now it compiles fine.

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