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Certain controls (like the Grid control) in WinRT/Metro/WindowsStoreApps have design-time decorators when you place and use them.

For instance, the Grid control has lines you can drag around to define columns and rows.

How can I implement such custom design time graphics and interactions so that my custom controls are as full featured as the stock components in Blend or the Visual Studio 2012 designer?

I can tell that the grid lines are animated (they fade in) and obviously the grid control is trapping mouse clicks, so just having a canvas that I draw if I am in design mode is insufficient.

Is there a SDK or example anywhere? I haven't been able to find it yet and I have been looking for many weeks now.

I've tried decompiling the WinRT grid control, but because it is native code I've hit a blank wall there as well.

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Adorners are accomplished in the blend and visual studio designer by creating a design time dll that is actually written in WPF.

A good example of how to do this for a WPF component can be found here, and the WinRT process is similar.

WinRT desinger metadata has some poorly documented differences, and it is a bit hard to set up a project to create and use it. The difficulties are around how to create a WPF product that consumes WinRT objects.

A good start on how to set up a project to do this can be found here :

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