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On the page http://listtree.appspot.com/about/bEcPYABxI$6UeBDHzASwlA if I scroll to the bottom using MSIE 8 the left hand side yellow div borders to a weird jumping up and down dance -- what am I doing wrong? I have similar pages where this isn't happening and the "developers tools" interface seems happy with the html.

Also, on the same page, why is MSIE silently ignoring my javascipt:... links? Again, I have other pages using the same techniques that seem to be working fine unde MSIE, and of course I see no problems in either firefox or safari whereever I've tried it.

Thanks in advance.

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I can't reproduce the issues you're describing in IE8 on Windows 7.

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I get different anomalies on different systems, but I haven't seen it right yet -- on Vista if I scroll up then down the lines get broken up. I'm wondering if IE doesn't like div boxes with visible borders only along the left... – Aaron Watters Nov 13 '09 at 6:33

I ran IE 8 on Windows XP through browser sandbox with no problems. Must be whatever you are using to render it or OS.

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I give up.

I fixed the problem by switching from using DIV's to using TABLE's.

And to hell with the kittens

alt text

here is how it looks now: http://listtree.appspot.com/...

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