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Browse to a webpage with hyperlinks using IE (I am using IE7) Once on the page, enlarge the fonts using ctl + mouse wheel. Now when you try to hover over the hyperlinks, they are laterally displaced to the right. To click on the link, i have to move the mouse to the right till the cursor turns into a hand. Anyone has a comment on this??

I was browsing the following page.

It is the 2nd hyperlink in the body of the article. (the link text is "here")

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Can you attach the corresponding HTML and CSS please? – Clayton Aug 20 '08 at 0:56
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IE7 doesn't handle Zoom correctly, You can see this error on this page (I mean the page you're reading right now) if you zoom large enough, view the logout | about link at the top, hover over it, hover off to the right, back over.

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All of the links on that page are displaced to the right on my copy of IE7 (7.0.6001.18000) even before I enlarge or shrink the fonts. Whereas other pages act normally. (My test page was

It appears to be something specific to the page.

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