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Hi am trying to figure out on why in css3 :active or :hover animation dont trigger it works on every other browser. ive wrapped the code into this fiddle please help me am stuck on this since the past 2 days

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sorry heres the fiddle – AbdulWahhab Jun 24 '13 at 7:29

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in css3 have fix more no of cross browser problem.each browser have a different future.following keywords are using work on all the browser. Supported by Internet Explorer with the prefix -ms- Supported by Firefox with the prefix -moz- Supported by Google Chrome with the prefix -webkit- Supported by Safari with the prefix -webkit- Supported by Opera with the prefix -o-

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that's not a problem which I am facing here. The animation would work if I don't give it ":active" or ":hover". Is there a compatibility issue that these states wont work on IE9-10 – AbdulWahhab Jun 24 '13 at 7:58

The issue is you are using :active which has an issue in IE (verified in IE 10)

From what I can gather, this is currently not possible as the :active state of a child is not propagated up to the parent div. Both Internet Explorer 10 and Opera 11.64 failed to propagate the :active state up to the parent when testing with div elements.

source: Make a whole div clickable with working :active css rule in IE10

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