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There are a lot of questions here on SO to make Django-Admin time aware and all related stuff. But I couldn't get help from the existing ones. So I am asking a new one with a slightly different intent.

I want that when a user enters some data via the admin specifically when he is entering the date and time he is obviously entering it in his local time, that is the system time. I want that the admin should convert it into UTC before storing it in the DB. How can this be done?

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If running in a Windows environment this must be set to the same as your system time zone.

TIME_ZONE = 'America/Los_Angeles'

Define it like this in your settings.py And replace the time zone according to you .

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I am on Linux. And the problem is that a superuser could be anywhere in the world. So if he is using the admin from some other place with a different time zone, and he uses the widget to say insert the date and time as the today and now times, then this will get stored in the db in his/her local time. I want it be stored as in UTC. – Indradhanush Gupta Jun 24 '13 at 9:23

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