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I run a project on sourceforge called mqmanager.NET that I inherited from the original author. Long story short I want to migrate this, and the rest of, my sourceforge projects to github. The problem here is that the typical import process assumes you have trunk, tags, and branches. I have these plus a releases folder. The particular command I am currently using is:

git.exe svn clone ""  "C:\src\mqmanager" -T trunk -b branches -t tags

Now, I'm mainly concerned by trunk and releases, but I'd like to keep everything. Is there another version of the command I should be using?

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From TFM:

You can specify more than one --tags and/or --branches options, in case your Subversion repository places tags or branches under multiple paths.

If releases should be turned into git tags, then you could say

git svn clone <url> <local> -T trunk -b branches -t tags -t releases
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Ok thanks I feel stupid. – Justin Dearing Nov 13 '09 at 4:20

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