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Is it wise to learn and use visual basic 6 in these days? Because many powerful programming languages are emerging. If no, then why and what is the best programming language to use as a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student?

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I agree with Robert and RageZ. Learn VB6 only if you really have a reason to, IMHO. Yes, it'll give you a foundation in programming, but I think it makes more sense to learn a more useful (yes, I know this is subjective) language. –  Jeff Nov 13 '09 at 4:19
BTW, my first language was VB6 and that is also what they taught me first year in BSIT in the 1990s. I don't regret it, but Goto warped my brain and I feel like I would have gotten a better start in programming in, say, C, C++ or Java at that time. –  Jeff Nov 13 '09 at 4:23
I'd only look at VB6 in order to support some extremely old legacy code –  OMG Ponies Nov 13 '09 at 4:36

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Learn c# or vb.net, if you want to stay in the Microsoft world.

You'll get a better understanding of where the programming world is going with these languages, and you won't learn any bad habits from vb6 that you'll have to unlearn later.

Learn VB6 or VBA if you have a special need, like programming Microsoft Access or creating VB scripts.

All that said, you may be learning Java, as that seems to be the language that colleges like to teach nowadays. And Java is a perfectly fine language to learn.

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IMHO, learning VB6 could be fine if it for learning basic programming concept but it would be better to learn C/C++ to get concepts (even if it's more difficult)

Like Robert mentioned learning a more modern language would be better c#/VB.net for Microsoft and anything else

My list of what to learn would be something like that:

  • C/C++ => that's the root of everything
  • Java
  • c#
  • python
  • PHP

if you can learn in depth C++/C you would be able to learn any other language pretty quickly.

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I always like to advice students to learn Pascal because its procedural, teaches structured programming and simple enough to debug using just pen and paper.

However , to be pragmatic, learn C and C++. C++ has lent its structure to many programming languages and is a fantastic introduction language into programming.

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VB.NET is the way to go for new projects. Learn VB6 if you have to deal with Legacy Application or one of the Microsoft Office applications that still use VBA. Even then the syntax between VB.NET and VB6 is close enough to make the transition easy. The situation is similar to the family of C langauges like C, C++, C#, Java, etc. The main issue of switching between VB6 and VB.NET is the support libraries. VB.NET has a much richer set of libraries. Once you learn VB.NET you can easily switch over to C# as the differences between the two language lie mostly in the their syntax.

As a student you want to be exposed as many different language type as possible. Focus on picking a representative from a class rather sheer quantity. For example it would be better to learn LISP then another C like language if you already know C++ or Java. The exposure to the methods that different languages use will greatly broaden your ability to use any language.

Finally remember there is a different between a framework and the language.Today not only there is a language to be learned but many come with a framework of useful function and classes.

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It will be better to learn C++ first than any of the new languages. This language will improve your logic and algorithm..

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