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i am trying to get the data type of each column given to do some verification i already tried the getSchemaTable but it only gives me the schema of a table without values.

For example , i have a table in my database and a columnname : id_declarant. I want to retrieve the datatype and Size of a value from id_declarant.

Here is The code :

comm.Connection=new SqlConnection(connectionString);
String sql = @"
            SELECT * 
            FROM id_declarant,declarant
            WHERE (declarant.Nom_pren_RS='" + textBox1.Text + "') 
            and   (id_declarant.mat_fisc=declarant.mat_fisc)  "; 
comm.CommandText = sql;
string mat_fisc;
string clé_mat_fisc;
string categorie ;
string num_etab_sec ;
string activite;
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
String Nom = textBox1.Text;
using (SqlDataReader reader = comm.ExecuteReader())
    while (reader.Read())
        //here i want to know how to retrieve the reader[0].Type and Size to do the verification 
         mat_fisc = reader[0].ToString();
         clé_mat_fisc = reader["clé_mat_fisc"].ToString();
         categorie = reader["categorie"].ToString();
         num_etab_sec = reader["num_etab_sec"].ToString();
         activite = reader["activite"].ToString();
         sb.Append("EF" + mat_fisc + clé_mat_fisc + categorie + num_etab_sec + textBox2.Text + textBox3.Text + Nom + activite);
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Type type = reader.GetFieldType(0);
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Can you elaborate more your answer please ? – Stephan Jun 24 '13 at 8:54
i tried this one : string Type= reader["id_declarant"].GetFieldType(0).FullName; but it displays System.string – manu Jun 24 '13 at 8:59
It's Type type = reader.GetFieldType(0); instead of string Type= reader["id_declarant"].GetFieldType(0).FullName; BTW, what is the data type of id_declarant coumn – ojlovecd Jun 24 '13 at 9:09
yes the reader.GetFieldType(0) displays the DataType of each value in the row 0 of the reader ?? BTW id_declarant is nvarchar(7) – manu Jun 24 '13 at 10:18
reader.GetFieldType(0) displays the first column's .net data type. So the data type of id_declarant in the database coresponds System.String type in C# – ojlovecd Jun 24 '13 at 13:21

You can use GetDataTypeName() function to get the data type of the field

   String dataType = reader.GetDataTypeName(FIELD_INDEX);
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