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I'm looking for some migrator or other library with dto object for javax.mail.Message objects. Thing is, I want to store emails in some datastore (mongodb) with all possible data. As far as I know emails can be quite complex so I'd love to have some example or (better) already prepared library for this.

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In the official Oracle JavaMail API you have several information to get all the possible data from a javax.mail.Message.

For example:

How do I tell if a message has attachments?

How do I read a message with an attachment and save the attachment?

How do I find the main message body in a message that has attachments?

Also from the official JavaDocs, here you have an example of reading JavaMails. I don't really think that there's a common library for storing mails, I think you should look by yourself what kind of info you can (and want to) extract and make a table according to your needs.

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My question is not about getting emails (which is easy), but about dumping them into some other object (DTO). Basically I need object for emails which is Serializable. –  Mateusz Jun 24 '13 at 14:55

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