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I need to access a shared memory segment created by another process. In Boost documentation I couldn't find how to initialize a member variable. As all the examples were explained in int main(), the use of member variable is not show. I'm using a managed windows shared memory & I need it to be a member variable with initialization in constructor. Below I've shown how it's done as a local variable,

boost::interprocess::managed_windows_shared_memory shm(boost::interprocess::open_only, "ShrdMemKey");

But how do I initialize the same in c'tor if I declared it as a member variable.

class ShrdMem
  boost::interprocess::managed_windows_shared_memory shm; 

  // Need shm to be initialized in c'tor.

Thank you.

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C++ has syntax for providing constructor parameters to member variables.

  : shm(boost::interprocess::open_only, "ShrdMemKey")
  // Here, shm is initialised according to the parameters passed above

It's very handy for situations like this. If you need to initialise multiple members, just separate them with a comma.

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