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Firstly let me mention I'm not a facebook user and that i'm utterly confused on how to implement the simple of task of having page/profile/whatever on Facebook for my Django app. Everything I read either seems to be conflicting or outdated.

Basically I want users to be able to follow/like my page/profile/app, which my Django app updates by sharing/posting links to new pages on my Django app, and they then see that I've shared these links when they log into their account. The pages on my django site which I'll be sharing already have Open Graph meta data embedded into them.

  1. What sort of facebook account is most suitable for this. A page? A profile? Something else?
  2. Do I need to create a facebook app to do this?
  3. What django package would be most suitable for this or would it be easier just authenticate and do it myself with a few lines of code?

update Thanks to Cbroe's comment I've been able to make abit of progress on this. I've created a facebook 'page', an fb app and used the app to get a page token with permissions to post on this page.

I've also implemented code using the facebook-sdk package to share the link to my pages facebook wall/timeline. This works however the posts show up as posted by my profile, not the as the page itself. Is there a way to change this?

def post_to_fb(page_url, pic_url):


oauth_args = dict(client_id     = FACEBOOK_APP_ID,
                  client_secret = FACEBOOK_APP_SECRET,
                  grant_type    = 'client_credentials')

oauth_response = urllib.urlopen('' + urllib.urlencode(oauth_args)).read()

attach = {
  "name": 'Hello world',
  "link": page_url,
  "caption": 'test post',
  "description": 'some test',
  "picture" : pic_url,

facebook_graph = facebook.GraphAPI(access_token_page)
    response = facebook_graph.put_wall_post('', attachment=attach, profile_id="my page id")
except facebook.GraphAPIError as e:
    print e
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1. I'd go with "Brand or Product -> Category: Website", 2. yes, for automated posting from your site to your FB page you will need an app. To post on your FB page "as" your FB page, you need to get a page access token. – CBroe Jun 24 '13 at 10:14
Thanks that gives me a lot to go on – KingFu Jun 24 '13 at 10:26
I found the solution to posting as my page/app here:… – KingFu Jun 24 '13 at 12:22

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