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I'm trying to get data from Google Analytics, using oauth v2 and api console v3.

I've created a Service Account, enabled the Analytics API in Services, the code is below, but I cannot create a connection:

task :google_analytics do
  require 'google/api_client'

  client = Google::APIClient.new
  analytics = client.discovered_api('analytics','v3')

  key = Google::APIClient::PKCS12.load_key("privatekey.p12", 'notasecret')
  service_account = Google::APIClient::JWTAsserter.new(
  client.authorization = service_account.authorize

  reference = Google::APIClient::Reference.new(:api_method => analytics.data.ga.get(), :parameters => {"ids"=>"ga:000000", "start-date"=>"2013-05-30", "end-date"=>"2013-05-31", "metrics"=>"ga:visits"})

  request = client.generate_request(reference)
  puts request.inspect


This is the result of my task:

#<Google::APIClient::Request:0x10546ed48 @api_method=#<Google::APIClient::Method:0x82a43558 ID:analytics.data.ga.get>, @headers={}, @parameters={"metrics"=>"ga:visits", "start-date"=>"2013-05-30", "ids"=>"ga:0000000", "end-date"=>"2013-05-31"}, @authorization=nil, @authenticated=nil, @body="">

Thank you

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