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I checked their website and apart from the gallery I couldn't find anything prosper.

For example, Google has Control Wrappers. What are the controls I can adhere to FusionCharts or would I have to go with third-party controls or build my own custom Control Wrappers?

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Firstly, not all the products are the same which is why there are different products for doing different things. FusionCharts will let us visualize data in ways we hadn't imagined before.

Using Google's Control Wrappers also requires us to code everything and so is any other Charting library. If you have something objective let me know I would be glad to help you like what kind of Wrappers you want to build.

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Simply, FusionCharts is purely a charting outsource component they only provide the charts- rendered from 2 data formats- XML/JSON provided to it.

As of now, they don't provide any Web Controls. I suggest you to create the same using Coding and Integrate the chart there. Hope ths helps!

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Using FusionCharts, updating or changing the data passed to the chart will result in re-rendering of the chart, unlike with Google Charts' ControlWrapper. They serve different purposes, and there are some significant differences to consider. Do take a look at http://www.fusioncharts.com/javascript-charting-comparison/ to understand the various options for charting.

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