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I created a folder for my SVN local repository. It works fine, but I have a question about it:

When I open the SVN folder I see different files like Conf, Hooks, Locks, Db.

But I don't see my projects which I did save in that folder.

When I use Visual Studio to open my SVN projects, I can see (and open) my projects from the SVN folder, but if I access the SVN folder without visual studio I can't see my projects.

Is this normal? Or am I doing something wrong?

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Your project-files are stored somewhere inside the db folder. E.g. in the revs folder, you will have one file per revision/version.

But you don't work directly inside the repository folder. Instead, you checkout a working copy, into a different local folder. That's where you can edit files and make your changes.

The repository is where you store (commit) each revision of your locally modified files. Instead of in a local directory, the repository could also live on a server (where you would access it via http for example).

I assume, you are using TortoiseSVN (if not, please have a look at it). Have a look at it's documentation. It should answer your questions (e.g. "basic concepts" or "daily use guide").

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Thank you. I use TortoiseSVN indeed. Thought it was possible to see and open the projects in the SVN file. – Swag Jun 24 '13 at 11:32
@xVizzi: you can view inside the repository using TortoiseSVN's repository browser. But you can't edit files directly inside the repository (you'll have to checkout a working copy). – M4N Jun 24 '13 at 11:33
Thanks! I got it ;) – Swag Jun 24 '13 at 11:35

You have created repository right now. If you want to explore your project you should create a Checkout to that repository.

If you are using TortoiseSVN you can do this by clicking right mouse button insige folder > SVN Checkout... and put your repository url into "URL of repository" (if your repository is on local disk use file:/// instead of http://)

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