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I am using Django-allauth , i have enabled social network logins, google,facebook and twitter, For some reason twitter is not working,

Configurations (shortened)

DEBUG = True





# Social login
    { 'facebook':
        { 'SCOPE': ['email', 'publish_stream'],
          'AUTH_PARAMS': { 'auth_type': 'reauthenticate' },
          'METHOD': 'js_sdk'},

        { 'SCOPE': ['',''],
          'AUTH_PARAMS': { 'access_type': 'online' } }  


# django-allauth settings
ACCOUNT_USER_DISPLAY=lambda user: user.profile (shortened)

urlpatterns = patterns('',     
url(r'^accounts/', include('allauth.urls')), 

Twitter app settings

consumer key and consumer secret are also configured on /admin/socialaccount/socialapp/

Version: django-allauth==0.8.1

When i click on Twitter button on login screen, all i am getting is a page with title "Social Network Login Failure" ,no debug screen, i am able to login using google or facebook.

This is url on the page :

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I tried latest django-allauth in a fresh django project and everything works fine. So this could probably be version inconsistency between, Django==1.4.1 django-allauth==0.8.1 python 2.6 (and 2.7.3) – Ryu_hayabusa Jun 25 '13 at 12:36
Errors got from manually raising the error in line 84… OAuthError at /accounts/twitter/login/callback/ No access to private resources at "". Request Method: GET Request URL:… Django Version: 1.4.1 Exception Type: OAuthError Exception Value: No access to private resources at "". Python Version: 2.7.3 – Ryu_hayabusa Jun 26 '13 at 13:02
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Best option is to update allauth to 0.8.3 or newer :)

After hours of debugging and frustration , i finally had my answer.

Twitter updated their API few months ago, so its not compatible with allauth == 0.8.1 anymore. Line - 17

url = ''

this should be

url = ''
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