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I want to have a CalendarView that, on the top right corner of each day, shows a small number, which would mean the number of events for that concrete day.

I was doing some research on the topic and, apart from all the solutions previous to the existence of the CalendarView widget, I found little information on how to do that. In this question, for example, it's said that extending CalendarView is quite difficult, so I'm asking you, guys, if anyone has faced a similar problem and can give me some general recommendations, advises, etc.

More concrete information like methods that are meant to be overwritten or code, are also super welcome!

Edit: Maybe it's worth saying that it is the first time that I'm going to extend an Android widget/view.

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Although it is not a way of extending the CalendarView, I decided to post here a couple of alternatives that do allow the feature that I was needing, in case it helps someone.

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