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Using Crystal Reports Server 2008, SP5.

Crystal normally stores instances of all reports run, which can make a database fill up quickly.

However, it has an option for each folder to "delete excess instances". This seems like a great feature.

...Except that Crystal Reports seems to think of the scheduled reports themselves as "instances", and therefore deletes the instances themselves as part of cleanup, killing the scheduled report.


How can I delete excess instances in Crystal Reports automatically, without deleting the scheduled reports themselves?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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You could perform a repository query:

/// get report instances that are NOT recurring
String commandText = @"SELECT * FROM ci_infoObjects WHERE si_kind = 'CrystalReport' AND si_instance=1 AND si_recurring=0";
/// assumes that you have a valid infoStore object
InfoObjects infoObjects = infoStore.query(commandText);
foreach (InfoObject infoObject in infoObjects) {
  /// delete object
/// save changes to repository
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