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I have a few XML files in a format like this

  <par>Some text <em>here</em> and more text.</par>

At first I used the PHP pull-parser XMLReader which just walked through the file, and I could respond to whatever node type the reader would run across. This all worked quite well, but the code felt bloated and there was some context information that I needed which required me to drag additional state around. For example, a <header> tag can be a child to a section or subsection tag.

So I switched to SimpleXML because it would represent the XML document as a recursive data structure, and provide me with XPath functionality. No more state (as I can query the context for, eg header tags) and the code is much more compact.

However... How do I access the "Some text " and " and more text." child nodes of the <par> tag? Is that possible, or can I not parse a soup with SimpleXML? Should I better use a DOMDocument implementation, and if so, which one? Where's the difference to SimpleXML?

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The problem I described above is quite similar to the one in this question: Getting the text portion of a node using php Simple XML

Short answer: SimpleXML can not handle text nodes, use a DOMDocument instance instead. More details and solution in the referenced thread.

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