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i have to redirect some old page to new page i used below commend in .htaccess

RewriteRule ^Savane-98.htm$ savane-tc-9347-41-belgian-tapestry-throw [R=301,L] 

it works fine but some of my old link have parentheses '()' it don't work how can i solve that . like below link

RewriteRule ^antique-bronze-square-end-rod-(flat-to-wall)-tapestry-wall-hanging-rod$ antique-bronze-square-end-rod-flat-to-wall-tapestry-rod [R=301,L]

this link don't work can anyone help me


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sorry is solved the problem with scape using \(flat-to-wall\) –  user2516243 Jun 24 '13 at 12:50

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Parentheses are special characters in regular expressions - they denote the beginning and end of a matching group.

In order for them to be treated as literal parentheses by the regular expression engine, they need to be escaped with a backslash (\):

RewriteRule ^antique-bronze-square-end-rod-\(flat-to-wall\)-tap...
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