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I have an requirement where in my datatable. I have 3 columns.

serverpath,image name, id

Now I need to get the imagepath from that the datatable[serverpath] and bind it in a repeater control or gridview control and show the thumbnail images there. Actaully in the path d:/application/images folder I have images.

When I bind to repeater control or grid control I need to convert the orignal images into thumbnail and display in reater control. In (5x5) rows x columns but I need to show only thumbnail images no other details like[server path,id].


thumailimge1   thumailimge2 thumailimge3   thumailimge4 thumailimge5   
thumailimge6   thumailimge7 thumailimge8   thumailimge9 thumailimge10

so once the user click on this thumbnail orignal image will be displayed in a new window

hope my question is clear...

how can I achieve this functionality? any help would be greatly appreciated

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You can use following control:


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You could write a custom asp.net handler (or even a plain aspx page where you manually write to the Response) to serve the image as the source for an img tag in your repeater







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