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I am using the ConfigurationManager.OpenExeConfiguration method trying to get to keys from appSettings dynamicaly.I have the file updated dynamicaly so After the updated I am trying to open it and get the new values for the new keys.

Example: In the beggining my file looks like:

 <add key = "CZH" value = "Chezch Republic"/>
 <add key = "DEN" value = "Denmark"/>

and at some point I am adding a new key/value pair to this section and it looks like that:

     <add key = "CZH" value = "Chezch Republic"/>
     <add key = "DEN" value = "Denmark"/>
     <add key = "ITA" value = "Italy"/>

So, after the adding I want to get the new value and its key, BUT I can not see a way tha to happen.All that I could get is the AllKeys where everything is okay, but I want to have also the value for the new key added.

I have my file open in Notepad++ and I can see that it is properly updated but I don't know how to get the value for the new key.

EDIT:OK, I'll try to explain it once more and this time I really hope that somenone is going to understand me.

With the ConfigurationManager.OpenExeConfiguration(path_to_the_file) I am loading the configuration file of my application. The return type of the method is : configuration One of its properties is AllKeys and when I call it, it returns exactly what I need - All the updated keys, BUT I don't know how to get the values for those keys.I am wondering if there is a method or property of the configuration object that the ConfigurationManager.OpenExeConfiguration(path_to_the_file) method returns.

This is all that I am asking.

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Try this after adding new value to app.config


See the article for more details: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.configuration.configurationmanager.refreshsection.aspx

AppSettingsSection appSettings = (AppSettingsSection)config.GetSection("appSettings");
string ITAValue =  appSettings.Settings[“ITA”].Value;
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See if you are loading the currect file. else wise. use custom file location.


if you are adding removing or changing appsettings on the fly. then i suggest you to use the File attribute on appSettings Sections.

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I have the file loaded properly.I am not looking for a way to load the correct file. I am just looking for a way to get the values for the keys in the appSettings section. – mathinvalidnik Jun 24 '13 at 13:41
you need to refresh the section of appSettings. msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/… – JSJ Jun 24 '13 at 14:09

Try this:

Private Sub readsettings()
    Dim mySettings As NameValueCollection = ConfigurationManager.GetSection("ConnectionStrings")
    Dim i As Integer = 0
    While i < mySettings.Count
        Console.WriteLine("#{0} Key: {1} Value: {2}", i, mySettings.GetKey(i), mySettings(i))
        System.Math.Max(System.Threading.Interlocked.Increment(i), i - 1)
    End While
End Sub
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