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Good Day all

I was wondering if some can point me in the right directions, for reading material and advice

background :

No programming experience, No University Degree, 15 years I.T support.

Currently try to learn python.

simple project idea for my self, Python Web App(using cherrypy), for GPS tracking and andoid.

program & personnel requirements I can think off

Learn Python, Learn Cherrypy, some html and Css, some Android dev,

My problem is , where do I start with professional planning and documenting it?

Thanks for any help

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For python:


Though be advised, python is not going to help you with android development. You'll need to learn java for that. Are you planning on using python on the web server / backend? Then make an android interface? Web development is a complex creature to tackle off the bat. It's important to understand all the related technologies and how they work together to deliver a webpage. Here is a basic structure:

  • Code and resources need to be added to the web server
  • The code on the webserver will be used to generate browser readable pages (html)
  • The generated pages will contain scripts which run on the client side (javascript)
  • The client browser will load the html and javascript

Now you have a design choice:

  • Use the gps on the phone for whatever location services (best for real time)
  • Use data delivered to the webserver, and then let the webserver interact with gps services (like google maps) and return content (best for basic one time loaction
  • Use javascript/ajax to interact with a gps service

Basically, you should decide if you want the application to be primarily hosted via the android device, or if you're basically just visiting a website with all the content from an android device. Or if it's something in between. Something in between is fine, but likely more work than one or the other.

The best way to go about understanding html and css is to look at some simple website templates and read through the css and html until you begin to get a feel for it. Look up anything you don't understand here:


There are lots of open source java applications from basic to advanced - so have a look at those first and then look for some simple android apps and maybe a tutorial to get you started interfacing with an android device.

Good luck! IT may not help as much as you think, it takes years to really understand good design in programming. But, it's a lot of fun.

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Thanks for that, I have been playing around generating html with cherrypy, so getting to grips, I was thinking, really simple app on android that just uploads GPS data to website and its viewed from the website live only. – whatsthatsay Jun 24 '13 at 14:03
Yeah, as for actually getting started implementing things - decide on the exact workflow (ie device determines gps location - sends to server - server processes location and returns page with results of processing). Except go in depth as you can (even down to the individual methods you will be using). Break the project down into small pieces until each small piece is deemed manageable. Then make sure you understand how they fit together - then begin to build the small pieces and connect them as you go. You'll probably have to restructure things once or twice along the way - but you'll get it. – Paul_R Jun 24 '13 at 14:09
Thanks Paul_R, appreaciated. – whatsthatsay Jun 24 '13 at 14:14

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