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I'm working with Databases that I cannot alter. I three tables, 2 of which are in a different database than the main table.

Voucher - Main Table
CustKey FiscPer FiscYear etc.
1884     6      2011

FiscPer is the Month Number.

LU_MONTH - Table 1 in different DB

200806   2011            6

FACT_DATA - Table 2 in different DB

1884       200806

I am trying to make them relate in Cakephp. The tables are not set up in the way CakePHP wants them. I am trying to make the Voucher Model grab the information in FACT_DATA using LU_MONTH as the middle join table. Any help please?

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If you look through the CakePHP book - specifically the part on Model Attributes, you'll likely find what you want - useDbConfig, useTable ...etc

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Yes I have all of that setup. I can get each individual table as a Model but I can't relate them easily. –  Kyle Jun 26 '13 at 12:27
It's not clear what you're asking. –  Dave Jun 26 '13 at 14:00

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