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I want to be able to push a single notification from my website to a client's Android.

The target is about 500k registered users.

Will ActiveMQ support this? Are there other choices? What architecture should I follow?

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I think your best aim for this would be a message- or worker queue. A very popular worker system is Gearman (

If you want to take a simpeler approach, I suggest Beanstalk, in combination with Pheanstalk API (if you use PHP for your application development). See

Hope this helps.

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You're better off with Google's GCM.

You can send 1,000,000 messages in about 2 seconds with it (source).

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I don't want to depend on Google Services. My target is also smartphones with no Google Services installed. Perhaps I am reinventing the wheel, but in that case I learn in the process. – oxygenpt Jun 24 '13 at 14:28

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