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I have a web service in which I'm returning some user details. I had to look at the source of UserController.GetCurrentUserInfo() and copy it over to my own stuff with a slight modification to get around the webservice/auth issues in DNN. When I am signed in as the main superuser, I can populate the UserInfo object properly and all my data makes it back. When I am signed in as a regular user, I get an empty object.

To test, in some actual module code, I tried the "real" UserController.GetCurrentUserInfo() and just grabbed a string to insert into the page directly, and it did work for all user types.

My webservice is working successfully on my local DNN install for all user types. When I installed on a shared-dev environment, I started getting this strange behavior. Any ideas? I'm hoping it's just something how I installed in the module in shared dev, but I'm not seeing anywhere I went wrong.

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Are you running on a child portal in your shared environment? You may need to add portalId to the querystring, so that DNN knows which portal you're making the request for (which is why it works with a superuser, since they have an account already, even if the portal is identified incorrectly).

Have you considered using the DNN Services Framework to implement your service, instead of having to work around these issue when using your own service?

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That was it. I was including the PortalID, but it was incorrectly using 0 (my sub-site should've been 11). I tried hard-coding it for testing and it worked with 11. Now I need to figure out my problem with the Portal ID coming back wrong...Thanks for the services link, too! –  cscott530 Jun 25 '13 at 12:16

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